Monday, May 2, 2016

I Miss You

I miss you
I don’t know why I miss you
I don’t know if I miss the way it felt
When your hand touched mine
Our long talks and the way
We fit together as if we’d known each other
All our lives
I don’t know if I just miss your smile
When you looked at me
Or your lack of full attention for more
Than a few minutes
Yet your never ending list
Of adventurous things for us to do
I don’t know if I just miss
Having someone to kiss
Or knowing you will always be there
Or being able to say you’re mine
Or the letters
Or the laughs
Or the security
Or the comfort
I don’t know if I miss the moments and memories
Or the stars we gazed at
Or the times we gazed at each other
Or the secrets we shared
Or the mistakes we grew from
Or our hope for the future
Or our plans for our future
I don’t know if I just miss your cats
Or your family
Or your house
Or your touch
Maybe I just miss your presence
Maybe I only miss the thought of you
But all I know
Is that

I miss you

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Don't Touch

Climbing carelessly across crimson crystals
Why were words wished away when
Mommy mumbled ‘move from my room’
She saw something slip solemnly
From frustrated fragile fingers
I tried to tug the treasures down
But tiny tots can’t try to be tough
Dazzling diamonds danced down to doom
Beautiful box breaks bity baby ‘boom’
Crimson crown cascading through carpet
A damaged dear, because I refused to hear

“My jewelry box is heavy, move away from baby.”