Monday, May 2, 2016

I Miss You

I miss you
I don’t know why I miss you
I don’t know if I miss the way it felt
When your hand touched mine
Our long talks and the way
We fit together as if we’d known each other
All our lives
I don’t know if I just miss your smile
When you looked at me
Or your lack of full attention for more
Than a few minutes
Yet your never ending list
Of adventurous things for us to do
I don’t know if I just miss
Having someone to kiss
Or knowing you will always be there
Or being able to say you’re mine
Or the letters
Or the laughs
Or the security
Or the comfort
I don’t know if I miss the moments and memories
Or the stars we gazed at
Or the times we gazed at each other
Or the secrets we shared
Or the mistakes we grew from
Or our hope for the future
Or our plans for our future
I don’t know if I just miss your cats
Or your family
Or your house
Or your touch
Maybe I just miss your presence
Maybe I only miss the thought of you
But all I know
Is that

I miss you

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Don't Touch

Climbing carelessly across crimson crystals
Why were words wished away when
Mommy mumbled ‘move from my room’
She saw something slip solemnly
From frustrated fragile fingers
I tried to tug the treasures down
But tiny tots can’t try to be tough
Dazzling diamonds danced down to doom
Beautiful box breaks bity baby ‘boom’
Crimson crown cascading through carpet
A damaged dear, because I refused to hear

“My jewelry box is heavy, move away from baby.”

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Good Luck

Good Luck

I still have my dad’s notes; I carry the worn out letters scribbled on yellow-edged pages pasted in a leather cover beside my hip, everywhere I go. In fact it’s the only thing I still have from earth. Well that and the rusty 2057 penny wedged in my jean pocket. It was a gift that I received my last full day on earth. I was given it by Ky Merkely, who had scrapped it off from the dirt in the space between our feet.

            He rubbed it on the inside of his nicely ironed shirt and placed it in my palm, wrapping it up in my fingers.

            “For good luck,” he smiled at me with sparkling eyes. I smiled back with the heads up penny blanketed in my hand. We stood there grinning at each other by the lake a mile from my house and a mile from his. We’d snuck out, more like told our guardians we were going on a walk alone, and met up in the middle.

            Ky Merkely wasn’t all that special just important. He was the first boy who had ever shown interest in me, or so Leela Beach said so. I never knew him all that well, in fact hardly knew him at all. Just that he was a pretty good looking boy from school, who apparently had been checking me out. Now that’s all I’ll ever know of him.

            When we parted ways that afternoon, looking back at each other, the thought never crossed my mind that that would be the last time I’d ever see him. I’m sure he never thought that either.

            And certaintly neither of us could have guessed that he should have perhaps kept the penny for himself, because he needed the luck more than I did.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Cursive, print, lighter, or darker
Pencil, crayon, brush, or marker
Paper, wall, table, or chair
Jeans, t-shirt, or simply the air
As long as I can create something
I won't feel like a nothing

A drawing of a flower, for you to get better
A very, very long, no, never ending love letter
A story of a young boy, that's stored in my mind
A painting of a girl who's hair can shine
As long as  I can create something
I won't feel like a nothing

I like the feeling of that piece of wood
Stuck between my thumb and pointer finger, knowing that I could
Draw, write, doodle, scribble, whatever I wanted to
And I know I really will do, because
As long as I can create something
I won't feel like a nothing

Written by: Mrs. Bieber

Just Outside the Pool Gates

Green towels all in a line
Yellow pool rules sign
Blue water turned that way by the chlorine
Brown sand, thrown in, that makes the water gleam
Red bikinis on itty-bitty waists
White concrete walls, which cracks are filled with paste
Orange Popsicles being licked up
Black pop poured in a cup
These are a few of the things
That my eyes to me bring

Green flip-flops that are sure to be there all day
Yellowish-gold curls bouncing away
Blue water moving with a fast pace
Brown sandy hair swishing across a boy's face
Red lips moving with a flirtatious motion
White skin being lathered with sunscreen lotion
Orange sun glowing in the afternoon sky
Black and red trousers swimming by
These are a few of the things
That my eyes to me bring

Written by: Mrs. Bieber

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Like a River

Our love is like a river
Fowing smoothly along
Like a love song
The path is indecisive
But whatever it will give
It will be between you and I

Sometimes though there's a storm
And our love is no longer warm
The river jumps and splashes
There are cracks and gashes
There's argues and fights
Painful days and long dreamless nights

But in the very end
The river is my friend
The water brushes my toes
A drop touches my nose
The river draws me in
But if I fall too far in
I'll lose my breath and drown
Into your love once again

Written by: Mrs. Bieber

If I Had an Apple Seed

If I had an apple seed
I would plant a tree and clime to heaven
If I could have all the speed
I'd race across the waters to help Japan
If I were to grow the longest hair
I would build a hammock for myself to swing in
If I could breathe underwater, I swear
I would search for Ariel, the little mermaid
If i could have a song written about me
It would be my first dance song on my wedding day
If I could be anyone I wanted to be
I would       just       be       me
If I were able to fly higher than high
I'd be writing this on the moon
If I just watched the day go by
I wouldn't sleep until I regained what I missed
If I could only just have a flower
I'd pluck the pedals and chant, "he loves me... he loves me not..."
If I were in the highest tower
I'd go to the top, then ride down fast on the elevator
If I were to be an animal for a day
I would be a cat, so I could get massages all day
If I were on a beach, just by the bay
I'd sink my toes into the sand and gaze at God's gifts surrounding me
If I were the richest on earth
I just might go crazy
If only some people knew they were worth
No more than myself, I wouldn't have to make such an effort to be pretty
If I could turn around and go to the past
I would simply fix my hair from this morning
If today were my last
I'd give it all to you 

Written by: Mrs. Bieber