Saturday, April 23, 2011

If I Had an Apple Seed

If I had an apple seed
I would plant a tree and clime to heaven
If I could have all the speed
I'd race across the waters to help Japan
If I were to grow the longest hair
I would build a hammock for myself to swing in
If I could breathe underwater, I swear
I would search for Ariel, the little mermaid
If i could have a song written about me
It would be my first dance song on my wedding day
If I could be anyone I wanted to be
I would       just       be       me
If I were able to fly higher than high
I'd be writing this on the moon
If I just watched the day go by
I wouldn't sleep until I regained what I missed
If I could only just have a flower
I'd pluck the pedals and chant, "he loves me... he loves me not..."
If I were in the highest tower
I'd go to the top, then ride down fast on the elevator
If I were to be an animal for a day
I would be a cat, so I could get massages all day
If I were on a beach, just by the bay
I'd sink my toes into the sand and gaze at God's gifts surrounding me
If I were the richest on earth
I just might go crazy
If only some people knew they were worth
No more than myself, I wouldn't have to make such an effort to be pretty
If I could turn around and go to the past
I would simply fix my hair from this morning
If today were my last
I'd give it all to you 

Written by: Mrs. Bieber    

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